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GYAN-ANANDA Educational Scholarship

Details, Eligibility Criteria and Disbursement Procedure

With a view to assisting the meritorious students belonging to economically backward families to pursue higher studies, we are introducing this scheme of giving scholarships at different levels of higher studies.

Eligibility Criteria

1) Marks criteria:
75% marks in  Class XII for UG 1st year students.
Aggregate of 70% in 1st year for UG 2nd year students.
Aggregate of 70% in 1st and 2nd year for UG 3rd year students.
2) The upper ceiling for family income has been fixed at Rs.2,50,000/- per annum.
3) The applicant must provide supporting documents of mark sheet, income pay-slip or ITR of last 3 years.
4) An exam will be conducted for the final selection round which will be held in the last week of December every year.
5) The tenure of the scholarship will be one year. After the expiry of the tenure the candidate can apply freshly for the next year.
6) For re-application, the students academic performance in the past year will be highly taken into consideration.


1) UG (1st Year) --- Scholarship amount = Rs. 1000/- (per month)
2) UG (2nd & 3rd Year)--- Scholarship amount = Rs. 1200/- (per month)

Disbursement Procedure

1) The scholarship amount will be directly send to the bank account of the candidate or their parents (for school and UG 1st year) or it may also be handed over in cash from the study centre as per the convenience.
2) The scholarship will be disbursed quarterly i.e., on March, June, September and December of each year.

3) The tenure of the scholarship will be January-December.

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